THE Diet Riot Pledge

1. We will never diet again. Fad diets are unsafe and harmful.

2. We will try to eat more often, preferably every 2.5 to 3 hours health foods and snacks

3. We will nourish our bodies by drinking more water.

4. We will fit the foods that we like into our own personalized program.

5. We will work with the body was given to us; instead of the one that wasn't.

6. We will take exercise one step at a time, and find exercises that we enjoy.

7. We will forgive ourselves when we make mistakes; and simply go on with our journey.

8. We will try to keep a positive attitude; and have a good sense of humor.

9. We will not be afraid to ask questions; and we will get as much support as we possibly can.

10. We will make this our final link to Diet Freedom.

Weight and Sneakers